Hi I’m Travis Ziebro, Human Engineer.

I write about the human side of being a technical leader. As a mechanical engineer, I managed major projects in the oil and gas industry, then led corporate turnarounds as a technical leader, eventually cofounding Momenta Tech in 2016. I picked up a MBA along the way as well as a distaste for acronyms that attempt to crystallize ones value or point of view.

Our team at Punchlist Zero has been hard at work for months with a single mission: to make this the most informative site on the web for engineers who build equipment. Learn the fundamentals of equipment and engineering in our education section, check out tools and calculators to make your life easier, or read below as I share my thoughts on management, engineering, leadership, start-ups, and turnarounds.

Want to chat more about anything or nothing in particular? Reach out to me on LinkedIn. I’d love to hear from you.