Benefits of screw compressor vs. recip?

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    It seems like recips are cheaper, but more noisy. I need to understand more benefits and drawbacks of either selection. thanks

    Trevor Gaines

    It really depends on the application, but it really isn’t the noise factor that would push you to a screw. Reciprocating compressors are simpler machines and usually cheaper for the same available amount of horsepower. This also makes them easier to maintain. For a shop situation, you are usually better off with a reciprocating compressor. For a situation where you expect to run at full load often, the extra cost and complexity of a screw might be worth it.

    Here’s a good article about it: https://www.pneumatictips.com/whats-efficient-reciprocating-compressor-screw-air-compressors/

    Travis Ziebro

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