What is Punchlist Zero?


The life of an equipment provider is one of the most difficult careers you could have chosen. You’re smiling because you know it’s true…but hey, quit smiling because I need you to expedite!

Chasing down the right information to build great equipment is tough. Having spent much of my career googling piping codes, scouring general purpose engineering forums, and cobbling together rough Excel files, I knew there was a better way. The concept of Punchlist Zero, a centralized resource for equipment providers in the energy industry, began to emerge. We talked to engineers, designers, and project managers to determine what they needed in a website resource.

Articles that are more in-depth than any other site

Most articles about the energy industry are found in an obscure magazine that has been in print since the dawn of mechanical engineering. Or cultivated from the mainstream press that doesn’t understand the nuances of the industry. Punchlist Zero promises something better: easily accessible, in depth articles from industry insiders.

Centralized database of tools and calculators

Engineering calculators belong off the Excel spreadsheet and onto an easy to use web site, accessible from anywhere on mobile and desktop. With our easy to use, practical, and mobile accessible calculations, delivering quality calculations will be easier than ever.

Community-based discussions and answers

Our hope is to bring some of the brightest minds in equipment delivery together to share, learn, and grow from each other.

So check out the most up to date information and articles on your industry.  Review our extensive library of tools and calculators. Spend some time in the forum and have your questions answered by industry experts. And if you don’t see what you need, please let us know and we will be happy to make this site better.

Kind Regards,

The Punchlist Zero team

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