Looking to attract young talent? Here’s how.


Those old enough to remember slide rules and oil embargoes remember something else. Stamping Exxon or General Electric on a resume was a privilege. Working in oil and gas felt like the future. Unfortunately, despite a domestic production boom that nobody foresaw, today’s young talent is looking for something different.

oil and gas careers are unappealing to young people

So what’s an employer to do? There’s two major takeaways: young talent craves renewable energy and technology. Renewable growth is driven by entrenched oil and gas companies, a point of which many are unaware. As for technology, thousands of opportunities exist to pioneer the future of energy. Share the graphic above and help us build awareness of the many opportunities available in oil and gas.


  1. Thanks for sharing. It seems like it’s on the industry to reframe the mission of the work. Right now, and for years, oil companies have been focused on increasing the efficiency of their operations. It’s not just about pumping oil, it’s about doing it in the most efficient way possible. While, the drive for this is economics, this mission has an impact on the environment and impact the industry has on the community/country/world. Framing this mission to the workforce as delivering energy in the most efficient and friendly way could help to increase the positive appeal of the industry.

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