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Flange Working Pressure Rating

Piping & Vessels

Given design pressure and temperature, calculate an appropriate flange rating.

Flange Working Pressure Rating Calculator

Heat Trace Requirements


This tool will give you the wattage losses to outside air given the insulation material and pipe size.

Heat Trace Requirements Calculator

Control Panel Heat Dissipation


For calculating the heat rise inside of NEMA or IP rated enclosure.

Control Panel Heat Dissipation Calculator

Margin & Markup

Project Management

Margin and markup are frequently confused. Don’t make that error with this easy to use tool.

Margin and Markup Calculator

Cable Sizing and Length


Ensure the proper cable size given acceptable loss, voltage, and amps. Or determine how far a particular cable can be run given acceptable loss, voltage, and amps.

Cable Sizing and Length Calculator

COVID-19 Infection Calculator

General Use

Based on journal studies when possible and the best possible assumptions when academic studies do not exist.

COVID Calculator
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